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The Program scheduled for Monday, January 26th has been postponed
due to the weather:

Part four of the 2014-2015 Program Series   
What’s In A Name? The Eponyms of Cromwell

The Metabaseks
& the Indigenous Communities of Connecticut

The Mattabasett River and District carry a name derived from the indigenous people that lived in the Cromwell area prior to European settlement.  Connecticut’s indigenous communities have long, rich       histories that extend back to when they shared Mother Earth with mastodons and other extinct animals.  Ignored or themselves falsely labeled extinct by local 19th century town histories, the story of their evolution into complex tribal societies with sophisticated social and political traditions had remained largely untold.  This PowerPoint presentation shows that although ravaged by European diseases, war, land losses, poverty, and discrimination, Native American peoples adapted to their constantly changing social landscapes through a series of survival strategies.  They continue to be a vibrant part of Connecticut life today.

RESCHEDULED to Monday, May 18, 2015 @7:00
Stevens-Frisbie House
395 Main Street in Cromwell, Connecticut
Free admission     Refreshments to follow!



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